I started blogging sometime in August 2009. Masa tu tertarik nak buat blog sebab minat menulis cerita. I enjoyed posting stories on my story blog lepas tu macam berminat nak ada satu blog yang personal. I started being active sharing stuff on my personal blog after SPM. Hope my sharing would benefit you.

  • On August 19th every year, I'd turn a year older. Currently my 23rd year living on Earth. 
  • A Kelantanese. But I've been mistaken as a Johorean, Selangorian and Perakian. Trust me, both of my family sides didn't come from there.
  • An undergraduate student of UniKL MESTECH, Bachelor of Clinical Laboratory Science (Hons.)
  • I enjoy reading and writing. Most of my money goes to books. But I started liking skincare stuff. I need to be wise to slow down the ageing process, right? Start early. No regrets.
  • Not a 3 Michelin stars chef, but I enjoy experimenting with food. Who would say no to food?

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