Wednesday, August 31, 2011

49#Ai no Kotoba ~ Am I Lonely?


this is an emo post. if you wanna sort-of-vomitting, please don't read it...

Sometimes I regret my past year. It's 2010. I'm very lazy to study Add Maths. My focus only for Bio and History, my favourite subjects. Because of my laziness, I dropped to the second class at 2011, left all my besties at Biruni. Although I'm always can keep ranting with them, joking around but it's not the same. All my besties are in Biruni and till now I can't keep with my classmates of Nafis. 

I'm never feel lonely being in a class since this year

From January till present, there's no one know how I felt. This is the first time and I think I can't hold it anymore. I have to do something to keep myself calm. And, I decide to blog. Thinking about this will make me cry. I'm always regret myself when I look at my besties doing things together. From small things to big things. Although I'm just seeing them walk together to go to the school lab, I will start regretting my past.

Sometimes I wanna cry. I regret my hatred towards Add Maths. If I studying Add Maths properly, maybe I'm still with them at Biruni. I can't laugh the same I had laughed with my besties at Biruni. I can't keep up myself and always keep distance from my present classmates. 

Thank God I got Nana and Mok Chick in the class. Having them make me feel better. I love you guys sincerely from my heart :').

Sometimes I wonder, if there is a time machine, I really want to go back to January 2010. It's all because of Add Maths, I dropped to the second class. Yeah, it's totally my fault.  

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

48#Ai no Kotoba ~ Wordless Night


It's not Wordless Wednesday, it's Wordless Night :p

I'm sleepy... huargh.....

47#Ai no Kotoba ~ Morning of 1st Syawal


It's already 1st Syawal and like years back, we got bersalam-salaman after abah returned from Solat Sunat Aidilfitri. Usually we take pictures before we go to meet Tok Wan (my only granny) at Sue Na's house. Tok Wan lives with Sue Na since I was a baby. 

Tok Wan had prepared some delicious Malay cuisines. There were chicken rendang, roti jala, satay and many more. I always love Tok Wan's cooking. 

Since I am too sleepy after visiting my relatives since this morning, so lets the pictures talking (my bed and pillows are waving and saying hello to me now~)

this is the first time Neesa wears baju kurung and she is soooo cute~

 watashi no kyoudai~

 Neesa was trying to do a 'peace' sign.. kyopta!

I hate it when it comes the time I have to stand up beside my younger sister. She is taller than me! urghh!!! ;p

at Sue Na's house  

our beloved Tok Wan. She's 80 and above I guess 

taking picture with Tok Wan. hope we'll celebrate 1433 H Syawal with her again :')

oh.. how I hope this picture will be more okay?

 focusing at Neesa. she is our Barbie doll now~

 Kak Anies and Neesa

 Neesa insited to play the lorry toy~

 with Kak Atien and Kak Anies

what's wrong with your face? gezz...

I wanna go to bed~ daa~

Monday, August 29, 2011

45#Ai no Kotoba ~ Farewell Ramadhan, Welcome Syawal


Happy Eid Mubarak~

the same pic I used last Syawal.. gezz...

44#Ai no Kotoba ~ What Am I Doing?


Today is the last Ramadhan of 1432 H and I don't feel anything to welcome Syawal.

cute anime girl? hehe

43#Ai no Kotoba ~ Yummy Choc Cake ♥


My mama had finished baking her favourite chocolate cake and its really looks yummy~
can't wait to eat it~ hoho

doing some topping of cupcakes now~

42#Ai no Kotoba ~ May Allah Bless You, Tyrah ♥


29th August 2011. I wanna wish my friend a Happy Birthday and Happy Sweet 17teen. 
Happy Birthday, Tyrah :). May Allah bless your life and hope you'll able to go through and through of obstacles. 

Tyrah (the pinky one) and Dila, her bestie :p

Sunday, August 28, 2011

41#Ai no Kotoba ~ My Last Ramadhan At Hostel


Talking about Eid, SPM Trial and soon-to-be SPM, it seems helpless for me to think that I'll never attend Maher as a student anymore. this is my last year at Maher and the thoughts of it makes me scared. the thoughts of I'll be a uni student or else makes me wondering:
- could I live without my Maherian friends?
- could I be a better person outside of Maher?
- could I met my old friends again?

yeah, it seems pathetic but it's true. few months back I met my beloved Cikgu Abdul Aziz, my BM teacher who taught me BM when I was in Form 1, talking about my fear of walking out of Maher. Cikgu AA is my favourite teacher, always be my cikgu kesayangan. he knows how to soft-talking to his students and consulting them. 

he told me that if I could be a nice or good student since I was a schooler, able to sort of tahan diri dari buat benda2 tak sepatutnya, then Insya-Allah I'll be okay at other places. and I had to admit that what he was saying at that time was true. so, I have to be a so-called-good-girl if I want to kick out the fear. yeah, I want to kick it out like I am a budak Tae-Kwan-Do cam Safwe and his 'sons and daughters'

okay, let's kick out all the merepek stuffs I'm talking above. I'm just trying to calm myself down. hoho

24 Ramadhan 1432 H or 24th August 2011. the date is the date (what I'm merepeking here???). its the last day which my friends and I break our fast at Maher hostel. Hanun (Che Nun her manja2 name) suggested we took our pictures together at DM (Dewan Makan). and I'm so glad that I brought my Olympus Compact during the week. so, we had our pictures together and I hope that if we were not able to meet someday, our friendship could be a long-lasting friendship.
so, here come the pictures...

our tokey koop sponsored Big Apple doughnuts and I got one too!! thanks tokey :D

here Mok Chick and Che Nun (red tee) showed their overload craziness :p

Che Nun, enough of your pose! haha

my besties :)

all three of them are my Kpopper friends ;)

the lights didn't help here...

it's me! taking picture together with them :) 

 me again.. haha

 there's Nana in her orange tee, my inmatured so-called-daughter

 my crazy friends. always make me and others laugh

 in the mosque, reciting Yaasiin for allahyarham Zulfadhli who gone for good at the evening caused by a tragic accident. how could we snap pictures in mosque? ehe....

 during reciting Yaasiin, usually we sat like in a circle

Che Nun and Lyn, our Form 3 sister...

it's me! taking picture with Yaa after Yaasiin

there's Lyn, Che Nun and Yaa

O Allah, let me and my friends be good Muslimahs and please guide us to your right path. how I really love them, ya Allah. ameen...

p/s: I don't know what got into me. I never wrote my blog in English. maybe cause I read too much of Hana Fedora's this morning. hehe

Saturday, August 27, 2011

40#Ai no Kotoba ~ Bila Raya Dekat Ngan SPM Trial...


bebudak jiran dah ramai yang main bunga api, aku aje yang tak join
dah besar camni pun nak main gak? tapi aku suka je main bunga api
ni nak citer sal aku punya SPM Trial, seminggu lepas bukak sekolah

nilah payah kalau Trial lepas raya
gamaknya nak hadap buku pun payah
usaha lagi, fighting!

takde kaitan ngan entry. cuma sekarang ni aku rasa makan Fruit Flan Cake aje.. sapa nak sponsor? :p

p/s: bak kata sorang kawan aku, kena lempar netbook + internet ke luar rumah la gamaknya kalau betul2 nak study.. hehe

Friday, August 26, 2011

39#Ai no Kotoba ~ Thanks :)


thanks my friends for the birthday presents^^. sayang korang :)

 the ribboned one Tyrah yg kasi :)

 Najwa yang beri :)

 tokey koop kasi :)

yummy cupcakes. tapi ni aku beli sendiri, yang putih-merah tiga kat atas tu aku punya, kat bawah tu kawan2 aku punya. yummy!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

38#Ai no Kotoba ~ Menjemput Bidadari Hidupku


kali ni, aku nak share two songs which I'm really crazee nowadays~
Menjemput Bidadari by Dani Setiawan and Bidadari Hidupku by DeHearty :)

Dani Setiawan - Menjemput Bidadari 

Bila yakin telah tiba
Teguh di dalam jiwa
Kesabaran menjadi bunga

Sementara waktu berlalu
Penantian tak berarti sia sia
Saat perjalanan adalah pencarian diri

Laksana Zulaikha jalani hari
Sabar menanti Yusuf sang tambatan hati
Di penantian mencari diri
Memohonkan ampunan dipertemukan

Segera kan kujemput engkau bidadari
Bila tiba waktu ketemukan aku
Ya Ilahi Rabbi keras ku mencari diri sepenuh hati
Teguhkanlahku di langkah ini
Di pencarian hakikat diri
Dan izinkan kujemput bidadari
Untuk bersama menuju Mu mengisi hari

Kini yakin telah tiba
Teguh di dalam jiwa
Kesabaran adalah permata

Dan waktu terus berlalu
Penantian tak berarti sia sia
Saat perjalanan adalah pencarian diri

Laksana Adam dan Hawa
Turun ke bumi terpisah jarak waktu
Di penantian mencari diri
Memohonkan ampunan dipertemukan

Bidadari telah menyentuh hati
Teguhkan nurani
Bidadari telah menyapa jiwa
Memberikan makna

Segera kan kujemput engkau bidadari
Bila tiba waktu ketemukan aku
Ya Ilahi Rabbi keras ku mencari diri sepenuh hati
Teguhkanlahku di langkah ini
Di pencarian hakikat diri
Dan izinkan kujemput bidadari
Untuk sama menuju Mu, mengisi hari
Mengisi hari..

DeHearty - Bdadari Hidupku
Perasaan Lahir Dari Sebuah Pertemuan
Berputik Rindu Dari Hati Yang Amat Mendalam
Mekar Menyinar Seluruh Alam Kehidupan
Segar Sentiasa Ia Dalam Ingatan
Cinta Yang Ku Lafaz Bukanlah Cinta Gurauan
Kasih Yang Ku Damba Bukanlah Kasih Igauan
Seikhlas Hati Ku Semaikan Benih Kasih Sayang
Moga Kekal Bersinar Dalam Keredhaan
Kau Umpama Mutiara Di Tengah Lautan
Bak Bidadari Yang Menghiasi Hidupku
Bersama Kasih Sayang Mu
Hadirlah Kasihmu Sentiasa Dalam Hidupku
Mekar Bersama Ikatan Penuh Keikhlasan
Moga Haruman Mekar Kekal Bersama Keimanan
Menyinari Ruangan Hati Kesyahduan
Ku Dambakan Padamu
Sebuah Kasih Dan Sayang
Yang Lahir Dari Hati Yang Penuh Ketulusan
Doaku Agar Tuhan Memberkati Cinta Kita
Disinari Kehidupan Dengan Rahmatnya
Isteri Ku...Engkaulah Bidadariku
Hadirlah Bersama Ku Di Setiap Waktu
Ku Janjikan Setia Ku Hanya Untuk Mu
Dan Kasihku Hanya Padamu
Oh Isteri Ku
lyrics source from Google~

Friday, August 19, 2011

37#Ai no Kotoba ~ May Allah bless me :)


alhamdulillah, sekarang aku dah genap 17 tahun
merasa jugak aku sampai ke umur nie, mana tahu tahun depan aku sempat ke tak nak rai ulang tahun aku yang ke 18
hanya Dia yang tahu

mama and abah ambik aku dari hostel dalam kul 3 petang and kitorang terus chow ke KB Mall
abah dah janji nak bawak aku beli barang2 yang dah lama aku nak tu :)

mula2 kitorang masuk Mega City kat first floor, hajatnya nak beli kamera
asalnya aku nak beli Olympus VG-110 je, around RM400 tapi abah aku berkenan kalau aku beli VG-140 sebab ada HD Movie
aku on je asal dapat kamera baru :)
aku beli yang blue metallic punya
lehlah nak ambil gambar banyak2 pasni

takleh resist dari letak wallpaper TVXQ.. haha :D

then, kitorang naik third floor, masuk satu kedai yg jual laptop and adik beradik sepupu sepapat dia tu..
aku nak beli Acer Aspire One Happy, dah lama dok berkenan tapi abah aku nak beli Asus Eee... masuk je, Acer AOHappy tu dah depan mata aku, Asus Eee takde, habis stok
so, aku jalanlah beli AOHappy pujaan hati aku tue.. beli yg Blueberry Milkshake colour, sama cam yang aku berkenan :)
abah aku sekali beli ngan cooler pad, beg, hardisk, wireless mouse, screen protector spraying and seangkatan ngannya

aku sendiri yg pilih :).. leh muat cooler pad, hardisk n' mouse sekali

sambil tunggu nak install programme, abah bawak melencong ke first floor semula, settlekan hal adik aku, Syikin
asal nak beli Xpress Music yg dah lama dia minat, pastu abah aku berkenan tengok Nokia C2
kebetulan tengah murah, beli yg tu for Syikin
aku dah kata, dah dapat tu kena study baik2 pasni

lepas settle semua benda kat KB Mall, kitorang gie Tesco lak
mama kata nak gie kejap aje, sebab nak ambil barang
mama mintak aku teman
rupa2nya ambil barang kat Secret Recipe
mama and abah order Chocolate Fudge for my birthday
tapi kek tu takde, orang lain ambil
pekerja2 kat SR ganti ngan kek lain and aku pilih Chocolate Indulgence
nilah first time aku makan Choc Indulgence
mana taknya, kalau gie SR mesti beli somtething yg relate ngan cheese
yang selalu, New York Cheese Cake
kek lain jarang aku beli

my Choc Indulgence~

kitorang sampai rumah dalam kul 6.. sengih lebar aku tengok AOHappy dah depan mata aku 

lepas terawih, kitorang sama2 potong kek tu even belum 19 Ogos
tapi takpe, sebab 17 Ogos besday abah aku, so kat tengah2 lah kitorang potong kek tu (18 Ogos)
patut tulis Happy Birthday Abah and Kakak aje atas kek tue
abah aku suruh tulis Happy Birthday Che Long..

yummy yum :D

so, sempena besday aku nie aku harap
- usaha lagi untuk jadi Muslimah sejati
- mendapat husnul khatimah.. amin...
- dapat result yg baik untuk Trial and SPm :)
- kebahagiaan family aku akan kekal as long as Him wants to

insya-Allah :)

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