Monday, July 30, 2012

302#Ai no Kotoba ~ I'm Sorry, Mrs. Hamster

Today, I got second experience in killing dissecting animals. It had been two years since my first and last time doing mouse and frog dissection. But we only dissected hamsters today. Poor little hamsters, you be our victims for Biology Lab. But what can we do? We have to identify all the organs in your body before our own eyes. He he.

Each one of us got a hamster and Madam Husaini showed us how to start it. It's quite difficult. We had to be careful with the delicate layer beneath its skin. I could felt how fragile the hamster was when I was holding her. Okay, my hamster was a female. All the hamsters were been fainted using chloroform before we get started.

It's took almost two hours for us to get it done. My hamster's heart was still running, beat by beat when I dissected her. When I done, the heart had stopped running. Pity my little Mrs. Hamster. Had to sacrifice her own life because I had to observe all the organs. How tragic. He he.

Okay... that's a big difference of height between me and Syakir -__-
what a pity.. no wonder he called me as his 'adik' 

But, I really enjoyed this experiment! Nothing to be feared of. Okay, done with blog updating. Have to finish my lab report first before going to sleep. I'm sleepy. Will be having Chemistry Quiz II this Wednesday's morning and Standardised Test II before I going back for Aidilfitri X)

note : Can't wait to be home. My dearly abah always upload pictures of delicious food made by my mama on Facebook and tag the pictures to me, memang sengaja kan? So lovely, abah. Its the way how you show that you miss your eldest daughter, right? Erk... Waaaa X((( Nak balikkkkk!!!! Abahhh!!!! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

301#Ai no Kotoba ~ Ramadhan in KMKN

Minggu ni agak menyepi. For Monday and Tuesday, my class end at 4:30 PM. But, this week might be a hectic week for me! I got Math Quiz II on Wednesday and Bio Quiz II on Thursday, which is today. Alhamdulillah, can answer them well. But, I'm afraid when the time teachers say " Okey, sila semak markah kamu." Erkk... Rasa nak pengsan kat situ >__<

Next week, ada kuiz Chem II pulak and the coming two weeks, will be my Standardised Test II. And, I  have to submit Math Project, presenting English Product Project and PJK 'Create A New Sport' Project with my fellow group members too >__<. Okay, a hectic month for me before Syawal comes. I meant, not before Syawal comes but before I go back to Kelantan! Yeahh! XD

Okay, okay, back to my topic. 

So far, I love this Ramadhan. Have to admit I kinda sad because can't fasting in Kelantan again for this year but, what should I do? I have responsibilities here. Now I am a student of KMKN, not Ahmad Maher anymore. And Kuala Nerang is not like Kota Bharu-Salor, it's Kedah-Kelantan. Taking almost 5,6 hours journey for one way journey -__-. It's so killing me when I'm in a bus, going back to Kelantan, thinking when will I arrive home. Urghh. So uncool.

Oh yeah, 'bout my Ramadhan in college for this year. I mentioned above I love Ramadhan for this year. We have sahur around 4:30 AM to 5:30 AM. But I wake up very early cause some students be assigned to play the emergency siren to wake all the students in my kolej kediaman up. And it's soooo loud, can wake you up just a few seconds after the siren be played. Actually, it's quiet annoying when you wake up early in the morning and find that you wake just because of the loud siren. I prefer to be wake up with any of TVXQ's or Westlife's songs tough XD. Haha.

We also have tadarus group. My tadarus group be assigned last few days and we got last three juzuk before khatam al Quran. I pair up with Nad, my classmate and we're going smoothly. But have to admit I'm not agree with the all the conditions they gave to us. They = the badan which responsible for this tadarus. It's not that I want to skip tadarus or what, but they said we have to be in mosque and start our tadarus from 5 PM and 6 PM. And it is compulsory. No skipping during that time.

Why don't they make it flexible? Tadarus can be done anywhere as long as the place is proper and at anytime. It's quiet hard if they fix the time. Maybe there're students who wanna go for outing or have to complete their jobs during evening, we don't know the possibility right? Alhamdulillah, they change the conditions and we can finish early. In my school before, we didn't fix the time for tadarus but all of us manage to khatam al Quran before going for cuti Aidilfitri. Just leave it like this, please make it easy for other people if you wanna them also make it easy for you. Simple right? It's just my opinion. How about yours?

I want to think positive, but somehow I can't. I know I am being a negative thinking person right now. My mood also isn't being very good for this week. Urghh. Please go away my bad mood. I don't need you. Please be nice to me and be a very good mood, can you?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

300#Ai no Kotoba ~ [For Girls] A Lady-To-Be

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan! Dah ramai bloggers ucap dalam blog so Hana tak nak ketinggalan. Tengok jam, dah dekat pukul 10.30 malam. Mama tengah baca novel kat tepi. He he. Tak apalah, teruskan niat nak update blog. Actually, this is my 300th post! I wanna dedicate my 300th post in my comel blog *ehem,ehem* to all the girls outside, but the most important thing is, this is also a special entry to me myself *ehem,ehem*.

Okey, stop dengan ehem,ehem yang banyak kat atas tu.

I'm not yet eighteen. 19 Ogos ni baru dapat pegang umur 18 tahun secara official. Rasa macam sekejap je hidup kat dunia ni. Tup, tup, I'm going eighteen this coming August. Yayy! Finally I will get my freedom!  Being eighteen is a key to achieve freedom! Freedom kepala Batu Caves hang! Being freedom doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. Going to parties with friends, lepak sampai ayam berkokok time Subuh baru nak balik rumah, sesuka hati tapak kaki je nak pergi ke mana. If you do think so, it's no. NO!

For me, being eighteen will bring the meaning that we gonna have more responsibilities than when we're underage. Heaven yeah! Masa macam ni lah kita kena makin fikirkan masa depan kita. Plan your future, work for it and insya-Allah, Allah will helps you. Allah tidak membantu hamba-Nya yang tidak berusaha. And I know that my usaha is still not enough. I have to work harder if I wanna have a bright future. I have to kick out my laziness 1000km/h if I wanna grad with 4 flat. Such a bliss.

Cik Hana dah melalut daripada topik.

Okey, okey, minta maaf. Kat atas tu mukadimah je. Sincerely, I do dedicate this post to all the girls out side. Tak kiralah blogger atau silent readers or else. Girls, we will become a lady soon. No matter how long it takes, but we will become a lady, a woman soon. I love to use the term of 'a lady' than 'a woman'. Well, lady sounds so.. soft and grace :). Sebab banyak terpengaruh dengan historical romance novels yang melibatkan banyak Lady, Countess and Duchess kot X).

We should act as a lady. Yang feminin, lemah lembut dan sopan. But, it doesn't mean that you can't be hoo haa with your family and friends. Hana pun bukan jenis lembut jugak. Ada kasarnya. When the time comes, you have to behave well, especially when you are in your work circle, being surrounded by lelaki ajnabi, lelaki yang haram melihat semua aurat kita. Do respect others and they will respect you too. It's not a crime if you wanna hoo haa with your friends. Please make sure it is only just you and your girl friends. Then, it's more than okay if you wanna being gila-gila and hoo haa with them XD

But, the most important is, be a good Muslimah. Bukan sekadar Islam atas IC sahaja. Dalam al Quran sudah tercatat, bila sampai usia baligh, tutuplah semua auratmu dan pertontonkan hanya pada yang halal. It's not that hard. If you think it is so hard to cover your aurah, then it will become hard to you. 

We are so dare to say " Tak sampai seru lagi. Bila sampai seru, aku tutuplah.", tapi cuba fikirkan adakah kita berani nak berkata begitu depan Allah di Padang Mahsyar kelak? Don't be too drastic, perubahan tidak boleh dilakukan dengan drastic or you will feel burden doing all these things. Perubahan boleh dilakukan secara berperingkat-peringkat. Slow and steady ;)

And please, please, please don't be such a cheap girl. Hana suka ayat Cikgu Jalwati, guru PJK kat kolej Hana, she loves to say this lots of times. " Please, jaga diri anda. Save for the last one." Cikgu Jalwati always reminds us about this. Save for the last one. And if you could, save yourself for the last and only one ;) . Don't let any boy touch you hands or treat you like a cheap girl. If he really loves you, he won't do that. He will wait because he knows, if he loves you because of Allah and Islam, he has to treat you like a Muslimah. 

So girls, please plan your future wisely. Don't let a fake and short joy becomes the obstacle to achieve your dreams. Create your own fairy tale, your own happy ending. Make yourself worth to be proud of :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

299#Ai no Kotoba ~ Gadget Dibawa Ke Sekolah?

Semalam, kecoh kat FB dan Twitter pasal 'kemungkinan' pelajar sekolah boleh bawa any gadgets ke sekolah starting 2013. Heaven! Oh, for the school students lah since I'm in college right now and we're allowed to bring any gadgets to college! Phone? Smart phone? Tab? Laptop? Just name it! Same goes to university students. Kembali pada topik, siap ada yang kata boleh buat kenduri lagi lepas dengar berita ni. Oh, I didn't watch Buletin Utama last night so all the info I got from internet. Internet is really-really helpful, isn't it?

credit gambar : Faqihah Husni

Okey, students! Jangan happy sangat. Perkara ni masih lagi dalam peringkat perbincangan dan parents and all those people out there are been invited to give their opinions regarding this issue. Banyak lagi hari yang menanti sebelum 2013 sampai, kan? Perhaps all your 'kenduri-kendara' sebab happy sangat dengan perkara ni become wastes, right? Tak ke rasa bengang sampai nak baling segala benda yang boleh dibaling ke TV?

Sebenarnya, ada pros and cons kalau nak laksanakan dasar ni. Tapi ramai yang menganggap there's a lot of cons than pros. Yalah, as an example, kalaulah pelajar Darjah 1 dibenarkan bawa any gadgets ke sekolah, tak ke rasa yang mereka akan main games je dengan gadgets tu? Angry Birds misalnya? Takpun secondary schoolers, especially the boys will play DOTA masa cikgu tak masuk kelas. 

Say hi to games, say goodbye to books. Garis panduan yang betul harus diwujudkan selari dengan dasar ni. Dan garis panduan itu wajib dipatuhi kalau nak mengelak penyalahgunaan gadgets tu. Tapi mampu ke semua pelajar ikut garis panduan tu?

Meh nak citer sikit, masa Hana duduk kat hostel selama 5 tahun tu pun berlambak je yang bawak gadgets. Tak kisahlah phone, MP3 or laptops. Wardens always give us warning, if they found all the gadgets, the gadgets would be confiscated. But, did the students care? Please! Masa tu ada ke yang fikir, " Alamak! Naya kalau cikgu rampas! Mau masuk bilik disiplin lepas ni." No, no. Kalau ada pun, mereka golongan minoriti. Gadgets dah jadi keperluan harian, terutamanya phone. 

Dulu sorok-sorok kalau nak guna, macam main hide-and-seek dengan wardens sebab tak nak kantoi, lepas ni siap banding lagi gadgets siapa paling canggih dan mahal. Form 1 guna Galaxy SIII, guru guna Nokia X2. Tapi, mostly tengok cikgu-cikgu just guna phone macam Nokia 3310 aje. Bukan nak perlekeh, tapi kenyataan. Padahal cikgu-cikgu lebih dari mampu kalau nak guna any of Galaxy series, iPhone or Xperia series. Senario biasa di sekolah rasanya. Sometimes I'm wondering, kenapa cikgu-cikgu tak guna phone yang lebih canggih? Anak murid je yang beria-ria tukar phone.

Kalau nak bawa gadgets, tak salah kalau nak bawa, sebab sekarang ni zaman IT. Budak-budak kecik macam my adik bongsu yang baru 4 tahun tu pun dah reti main smart phone, tablets. Jadi, kita tak boleh nak sekat kemajuan zaman sekarang. Semua perkara memerlukan gadgets sekarang ni. Dan pelbagai jenis gadget baru akan keluar dalam masa yang cukup singkat. Tak tahu lah gadgets apa lagi yang akan muncul lepas ni. Just wondering.

So, ada pendapat pasal isu ni? Pros and cons? 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

298#Ai no Kotoba ~ Mid Sem Break

Alhamdulillah, selamat juga Hana kembali ke bumi Kelantan ni *ayat tak boleh blah*. Dah hampir dua bulan kot Hana bertapa kat Kolej MARA Kuala Nerang (KMKN), baru boleh balik sini. Ha ha. Sekarang ni Hana tengah mid sem break untuk seminggu. Sabtu ni kena balik kolej. Hari pertama Ramadahan, insya-Allah. Tahun ni akan merasa berpuasa kat Kedah lah pulak :P

Dah banyak kali cakap kot *rasa-rasanya*, tapi memang Hana happy sangat sebab sambung study kat KMKN. Happy dengan kawan-kawan, cikgu-cikgu *lecturers dipanggil cikgu/madam di KMKN*, semualah! He he. Suasana kat sini pun okey, tak adalah belajar hardcore sampai stress sangat-sangat. And I scored in my quizzes and tests! Alhamdulillah :) I love Bio and Chem.

Mula-mula cuak sebab Math kat sini standard Add Math, Hana pulak memang anti dengan Inche Add Math ni, memang takut dapat gred tak memuaskan lah. Takpe, sebab cikgu-cikgu kat sini memang banyak membantu :) Walaupun cuma dapat B untuk test Math hari tu, cukup puas hati. 

Rasa macam tak percaya, dah sampai mid sem for sem 1 dah. Bulan 9 atau 10 ni, habis lah sem 1 Hana kat KMKN ni. Lepas cuti sebulan, akan masuk sem 2 pula selama lima bulan sebelum cuti balik dan masuk sem 3. Sem 3 ni Hana tak kan ada di KMKN dah. Semua pelajar foundation akan ditempatkan kat mana-mana UniKL yang jadi pilihan untuk sambung degree nanti untuk praktikal selama dua bulan sebelum tamat foundation dengan rasminya. 

Bercakap pasal degree, ada dua aje pilihan Hana. Sama ada Chemical Engineering in Food kat UniKL MICET, Melaka atau Clinical Laboratory kat UniKL MESTECH, Kajang. Degree lain pula macam tak berapa nak berminat :P. Masuk sem 2, kami akan mula didedahkan dengan degrees yang kitorang boleh apply kat UniKL nanti. 

Tapi, satu aje yang tak berapa suka :(. Setiap kali orang tanya dapat tak IPTA dan matrik dan Hana jawab ya, mereka mesti tanya still nak masuk IPTS. Err... jadi macam agak annoying kot sebab tanya soalan yang sama padahal bukan salah mereka sebab mereka tak tahu. Takpe, takpe, sabarkan hati. Lagipun, soalan mereka bukan melampau pun. Hana aje perasan lebih XD. He he. 

my happy classmates :)
hari Khamis lepas sepakat nak pakai pink XD

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