Tuesday, December 27, 2011

72#Ai no Kotoba ~ Outing @ KB Mall and Fate


I got spider's web in my blog! Okey, aku bergurau aje. Starting from 30th December till last week, I'm only focusing on my new manuscript. Alhamdulillah dah siap and harap-harap lepas penilaian. Amin :)

I went for an outing with my BFFs. We enjoyed our time spending together before some of my friends have their PLKN. Ngee~

Tapi yang aku betul-betul nak cerita bukan pasal our outing, it's 'bout my fate by meeting an ordinary-looking pak cik while waiting for my friends outside the mall. He asked me to call him as Pak Cik Jamil. Dia datang duduk atas bangku tepi aku, looked like he already finished his shopping. Dengan pakai kopiah and jubah, I thought he same as other pak ciks. But, I was wrong. Pak Cik Jamil started our conversations and aku layan ajelah, it's not a big deal.

Mula-mula borak, aku rasa biasa-biasa aje. He asked me whether I had done my secondary school and I told him some of my storied. Then, he asked me 'bout pursuing studies. Almost 99% he spoke in English, nampak macam lain sangat bila tengok appearance dia. Betullah kata pepatah, don't judge a book by its cover ;)

Rupa-rupanya Pak Cik Jamil pernah kerja dengan Singapore Airlines and he IS a Singaporean walaupun dah berpuluh-puluh tahun duduk kat Kelantan. He told me some amazing stories 'bout his life and the sadden ones. Aku rasa tak proper kalau aku cerita pasal pengalaman dia, sebab sesetengahnya menyentuh pasal politik negara ni, from not-so-good side. 

But, by meeting him made me learn something. Tak semua perkara yang kita nampak baik dari luar, baik juga di dalam. It's true, many of you know 'bout the truth of the world. Cuma ini pengalaman aku sendiri, not others. I met him by fate, and if I had a chance, please let me meet him again.

p/s: ni first time aku tulis post sambil rasa cam nak nangis aje :'(

Friday, December 16, 2011

71#Ai no Kotoba ~ BSM Maher @ Bilik BOSS Maher


After the Anugerah Kokurikulum Kebangsaan and Negeri, our HM seems like she put her trust on our BSM Maher's teacher, Cikgu Naeimah. Now, Cikgu Naeimah will be in-charged for our Bilik BOSS, kitorang punya Bilik Buku Teks. Because Ahmad Maher is in-charged as Pusat Agihan Daerah for Buku Teks, so Cikgu Naeimah has to look up for two different Bilik BOSS, one for our own school, one for schools in PPD Kota Bharu.

Our HM wants us make the Bilik BOSS into a new Bilik BOSS, no more bau yang tidak menyenangkan, no more buku yang bersepah. Ahaks! So, there's us, helping Cikgu Naeimah.

our sukarelawan that day were :
- Me
- Lyn (Form 3)
- Aizan (Form 3)
- Juniey
- Syawal
- Muqri
- Alif a.k.a. Pok Su
- Bob our Chairman for 2011 (Form 4)

here are Syawal n' Juniey :) 

 Pok Su yg datang tanpa diduga ;)

 it's me. trying to search for songs...

 omo... banyaknya buku~

 peace no war :D

 buku2 yang siap diikat

 sempat lagi tinjau FB

 game dulu boss~

 maman time ^_^

 dalam Bilik BOSS pun nak try wat PC gak? o.O

hampir siap~

Cikgu was so bermurah hati, she drove us home. First, we ahead to Juniey's house. Let's Lawatan Sambil Minum Teh di Rumah Juniey~ habis terbongkar semua rahsia Juniey... hihi :p

taking pictures in the living room~  sebelum tuan rumah perasan ;)

 this is our beloved Cikgue Naeimah <3

the purple one's Juniey's umi~ 

Cikgu Naeimah, Lyn and Aizan also made it to my house too~

our next on-call for Bilik BOSS is this Monday~ go BSM Maher! bak kata Juniey, 1BSM, 1Maher, 1Family.. *betul ke aku nie.. entah2 silap slogan.. hihi

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

69#Ai no Kotoba ~ Starting of My New Way of Life


30th November 2011, 3.30 pm. That's the last time I being called as a Maherian. Now, I'm an ex-Maherian. Till now, I can't believe myself. I a former secondary school student? It's funny for sure.

 Me, Moc Chick, Muqri, Faiz the KPP and Juniey, after Bio Paper 3

Moc Chick and Che Nun~

 the boys seem so happy :p (mentang2la aku pendek)

friends forever~ my BSM friends :D

All my friends seem have their own plan after SPM. I have mine too, telling you :)
This is my plan for the next coming months:

# Facebooking
# Twittering
# blogging
# finish my NajNini manuscript
# watching dramas and movies

do pray for me guys~ :-)

Monday, November 28, 2011

68#Ai no Kotoba ~ Ini Kisahku....


Last night after Mahgrib, I watching Ini Kisahku, a programme where celebrities sharing how they change to be better person. Watching them and you'll never regret ;-)

Ini Kisahku, Wardina Saffiyah

Ini Kisahku, Catriona Ross

Alhamdulillah, they had given the second chance, to change a be better person. And you?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

67#Ai no Kotoba ~ Neesa and The Wall


The title of the entry is not a title of a book, it's about my lovie dovey little sister. Neesa will become 3 this coming 24th Nov, the day I facing my Physics papers. oh my~

This happened at noon I guess, when she start to be an artiste herself. She potrayed her love of art at the house wall.. haha.. (banyaklah 'love of art' Neesa tu) 

 The Art of Love by Neesa Picasso~ haha

 ops! caught red-handed!



This was happening weeks ago.. forget to update it in my blog.. haha
 guess what?

it's Neesa! trying to hide from me.. ;p

Friday, November 18, 2011

66#Ai no Kotoba ~ A Little Tribute to Zafirah and Syikin :)


It's school holidays, but not for me till I finish my Bio papers this 30th November. Alhamdulillah, so far I manage to answer all the papers smoothly, hope it will continue. I'll have PAI, Physics and Add Maths next week. Freaking me out for Physics and Add Maths. Stop. 

I received two gifts last a few days. One from my junior and the other one from my friend. Thanks, Zafirah and Syikin. It's not the size or price that count, but its the value that counts. Lots of thanks.

 I got this Mickey's snow globe from Asyikin Ammaleeyna.. thanks dear

 this is from Zafirah, my Form One junior :)

love it~ 

 it's a mug! with Stich and Buzz Lightyear pictures on it!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

65#Ai no Kotoba ~ 141111


Tomorrow is such a big day. Starting with Bahasa Melayu papers, I'll end my SPM with Biology papers on 30th November. actually, I can't wait to finish my SPM. my novels are calling me to be finished. I'm thinking to finish my NajNini and start with a new novel. maybe a Malay novel too. I'm just posting Korean-Japanese based novels in my blogs as I don't have much time to finish all the novels. 

I'm feeling okay for all those papers except Physics and AddMaths papers. the papers are freaking me out, like someone who is afraid of banshee's screaming. okay, I'll keep my mouth shut and stop talking (typing I guess). do pray for me and all my friends. :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

63#Ai no Kotoba ~ Journey to Kuching


I don't wanna write too much, so let the pictures describe my journey in Kuching, Sarawak :)

arrived @ the airport~

 having breakfast~ Cikgu Naeimah paid for us.. thanks cikgu <3


KLIA to Kuching

 heading to our homestay

 nasi ayam penyet = nasi cinta ayam terpenyet~

 breakfast @ the homestay :)


 our Blue team heroes~ 

 at Dayang Salhah's Kek Lapis

 cuba jangan tak cuba~

 Ustaz Din n' Qayyim~

 Faisal (with the towel), Cikgu Eris n' Safwan~

 the kebakaran

 at DUN Lama Kuching for the rehearsal

 ready for the Majlis

 Safwan n' Hau from Sabah

 the precious~

 with Dato' M.Karathu~


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