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604#Ai no Kotoba ~ [Book Review] The Valentine's Card

[edited: Dec 30, 2015]

Rating : 4.2/5

The Valentine's card was meant to be Orla's fairy tale ending, but really, it was only the beginning . . .

Orla adores her actor boyfriend, Sim, who's away filming a sumptuous costume drama. Although the long-distance relationship means that she can eat toast for dinner and watch as much reality TV as she likes, she misses him like crazy.

But Valentine's Day changes everything . . . The same morning Orla learns that Sim has died, she receives a card from him. As Orla travels from Ireland to London, to live and breathe Sim's final moments, can she bring herself to open the Valentine's card and read his final message?

Orla and Simeon are being apart due to Simeon's work as an actor. When their reunion is scheduled soon, Orla is looking forward to Simeon's card on Valentine's day. She wakes up with the thoughts of what would Simeon wrote to her? Simeon is a creative man so Orla is so happy to think of that. When she gets the Valentine's card moments after hearing the news of Simeon's death, she feels her world crumbles.

Orla flies to London and lives inside Simeon's apartment. She doesn't open the card. Orla is afraid with the thoughts of letting Simeon go. Could she open it? Or she would certainly never open and read the card?

Orla's character is not my liking. I know she needs time to move on but her character has such a spoiled kid fragments in it. However I have to admit Orla does grow with the helps of the people she meets in London - Maude, Marek and Juno.

When she opens the card, you would not expect something to make us the readers hate Simeon. But, what is the truth behind the card? As Orla continues her journey to reveal the mystery behind Simeon's Valentine's card to her, she uncovers the unexpected truth.

Till then.

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