Thursday, September 29, 2011

54#Ai no Kotoba ~ JYJ's In Heaven~


I'm so in love with JYJ's new MV, In Heaven! Junsu and Ji Hyo looks like a really great couple~
below, there's the MV explanation, I'm too lazy to do my own explanation 
so, enjoy~
but, I always hope I able to see HoMin in any JYJ's MV and to see JYJ in any HoMin's MV
so, Always Keep The Faith

JYJ - In Heaven

In Heaven's wallpaper~

MV Story explanation by @InHye87 : ;___;
JS was always engrossed in work and neglected JH. So JH was upset & she called JS but he didn’t pick it up though he saw the caller was her. So, she committed suicide. And that was in Aug 2008.
JS was dreaming about what happened to JH on the day she died. 2 years later, he was still reminded of her about what happened and was feeling very remorsed about it.
The 2nd scene when JS was in the bed, it went back to 2008 from his current 2011 and it was 8am - when he woke up, the door bell rang and he was shocked to see JH coz she was supposed to be dead. JH was upset JS was ignoring her & she react like nothing happened. JS looked at the calendar and was shocked to find himself back to Aug 2008. He was happy so he hug JH, and he listed down the things he wants to do with JH while she’s still around with him. They met by the park and went to a restaurant - things that JS wanted to do with her. But he was always making her wait because of his work.
Then finally the day when JH was supposed to have died, come. And JH went to JS house with his picture only to find a dead pot of flower, so she decided to change it for him with a sunflower. But she left her phone when she went out and JS was unable to reach her. JS has a meeting that day. He was reminded of what happened to JH that day when he ignored her and he was regretting and thinking he should go get her.
He ran out of the meeting room and all the way to the place where the accident happened and was glad to find her there. He saw a car approaching her and tried to shield her from it. But the both of them were knocked down. So, eventually the both of them met at the “heaven”.

p/s: committed suicide is forbidden in any religion.. love your life ;)

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