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53#Ai no Kotoba ~ The Story of BSM Eid Appreciation


It had been a week but I still remember the night. The night of BSM Eid Appreciation. I miss the night so much as I can't forget the memories remain :). how touche...
Before Maghrib of 9 September, all of us who live in the hostel got ready to aboard the bus. maybe the total number was around 30. Juniey, one of the MP (Majlis Penasihat) who lived outside, managed himself to come and aboard the bus together. how he loves to be together with the other members of BSM. hehe

The others went to Ridel Hotel by bus, but Cikgu Naeimah drove me and Aizan to Muhibah Cake House first for our cakes. They was Tiramisu and Fruit Flayn. When we arrived at Ridel, the members had just finished their Maghrib in the surau with Juniey as the Imam. I started my pray of Maghrib and got ready myself. I got my black shawl so like the others. 

After getting myself and others ready, we went down to Restoran Puteh, booked my Cikgu Naeimah for our event. All the seven members of MP and three members of MTi (Majlis Tertinggi) got our seats at the same table, exactly in front of the stage!

After Pok Chek reciting doa' makan, we ate first before starting our events. But, before we ate, all the MPs and Mtis got a cute bear each and a token from cikgu. 

okay, as I am too lazy to update my blog, I'll  post pictures and the captions, kay? huhu
but, I put the pics randomly~
by the way, five from seven MPs got our title~
Me ~ Puan Seri Nurul Farhana
Paih ~ Dato' Faiz Afiq
Juniey ~ Tan Sri Zulhusni Najib (he supposed to be Haji Zul because he had done his haj but Lyn had changed the title to Tan Sri.. urgh...)
Apih ~ Dato' Seri Nurhafidz
Pesa ~ Pengetua Faisal
Bob ~ YB Syahir Zulkefli of DUN BSM Maher 

 Juniey and Shawal was fooling around before the event started

 Pok Chek who was recited doa' makan 

it's me and Iqa :)

 our Tan Sri with his 1Malaysia sign

 our beloved Cikgu Naeimah :)

 Dato' Faiz Afiq (the purple one) and Datuk Seri Nurhafidz~

we got our bears and token~

 recited doa'

time to eat! 

 Pengetua Faisal gave his speech

 Dato' Seri Nurhafidz got his lucky draw gift

our Chairman for 2011, YB Syahir Zulkefli gave his speech 

Dato' Faiz gave the gifts for lucky dram 

 Tan Sri Zulhusni Najib gave his speech. his phone got ringing twice and we were like " ooohhh... sibuk bebenor la Tan Sri sorang ni..."

 It was Dato' Seri Nurhafidz turn to give the lucky draw gifts

 Dato' Faiz Afiq gave his speech and recited his poem of As I Go

 Its my turn~ Puan Seri Nurul Farhana.. haha

 Cikgu Naimeh gave her speech 

 the turn of Tan Sri Zulhusni Najib

 Pok Su got his gift from YB Syahir Zulkefli

 Pengetua Faisal got his turn

 how 'big' cikgu looked like beside our YB :p

 It was the time for giving anugerah. there was eight different anugerah. Dato' Faiz got his anugerah, Anugerah Ahli Paling Tegas~

 Dato' Nurhafidz and his anugerah. I bet it was Anugerah Ahli Paling Berdedikasi

 This is Aizan, getting her anugerah. I forgot hers

 turn of Pengetua Faisal getting his anugerah, Anugerah Ahli Paling Berjasa

 Hanif, our boy got Anugerah Bintang Harapan :)

 it's me, getting Anugerah Khas from cikgu :)

 Tan Sri Zulhusni Najib got Anugerah Ahli Paling Komited

 time for lucky draw again :p

 time for Majlis Penyerahan Kuasa :)

 cutting our cakes

 the boys

 the Fivers

 me and Aji, our Form 4 Bendahari

 outside the hotel

 Pok Su~

 we sang Negaraku and Bulan Sabit Merah

 me and Lyn, in the surau

 its Hanif, our boy

 Tan Sri Zulhusni Najib and Dato' Faiz Afiq was reading something


the MPs got these each :D

 Qila and Syasya


Fruit Flayn 

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