Saturday, September 3, 2011

51#Ai no Kotoba ~ Back To Hostel.. Hehe


This will be my last post for this week since I have to back to my hostel after Zuhur. I always set my foot and enter the car and arrive at the hostel around 3.30 to 4.00. Its my routine since I was in Form 1. It's not because I do love my hostel so much yet I have to come back here so early in the evening but I do not prefer to come back late in the evening. I hate to be late at any place I wanna go and I want to spend more time in clearer my stuffs and arrange it.

But, tonight will be a good night to remember even I'm at the hostel. My friends who stay together in the dorm wanna have a great dorm party. My mama baked me a baked macaroni for the party. There will be lots of another great food too.

can't wait!

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