Sunday, September 30, 2012

318#Ai no Kotoba ~ These Two Days

I feel like doing nothing -___- Actually I have a work. Nak rombak balik manuskrip 464 Untuk Nini. The conflict parts are not strong enough and the antagonist is being 'a-good-kind-of-antagonist-type'. Tapi kan, tapi kan, macam malas aje lagi nak buat. Still cannot grab the mood to do it :P Hee~

Actually, I did enjoy these past two days since my semester leave starts. Abah brought us, one family, leaving my brothers behind playing games at home, to Pantai Irama. Dah lama teringin nak pergi pantai. Dah lama tak pergi and I was glad because abah brought us to. Saja nak release tension. Kay, mengada. Tension amendanya kalau final dah lepas.

Kitorang just pergi makan-makan. Seeing the people playing on the sand, can't envy much -__-. Erghh.

And for today, abah brought us to Pasar Siti Khadijah and The Store. Wow! Can't say anything but adore the blouses and girls T-shirts on sale. I was like 'Apasal pakat sale ni? Nakkkkkkk'. Typical girls. I don't know why but nowadays I love and adore all the cute stuff and blouses and T-shirts and flats. Got myself a new flat and a white plain blouse before coming back to Kelantan. And now I want moreeeeee.

All these merepeking stuff is over. I should sleep now. Didn't sleep for all day long and now I am sleepy *yawned*

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