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Monday, November 7, 2011

63#Ai no Kotoba ~ Journey to Kuching


I don't wanna write too much, so let the pictures describe my journey in Kuching, Sarawak :)

arrived @ the airport~

 having breakfast~ Cikgu Naeimah paid for us.. thanks cikgu <3


KLIA to Kuching

 heading to our homestay

 nasi ayam penyet = nasi cinta ayam terpenyet~

 breakfast @ the homestay :)


 our Blue team heroes~ 

 at Dayang Salhah's Kek Lapis

 cuba jangan tak cuba~

 Ustaz Din n' Qayyim~

 Faisal (with the towel), Cikgu Eris n' Safwan~

 the kebakaran

 at DUN Lama Kuching for the rehearsal

 ready for the Majlis

 Safwan n' Hau from Sabah

 the precious~

 with Dato' M.Karathu~


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