Wednesday, November 30, 2011

69#Ai no Kotoba ~ Starting of My New Way of Life


30th November 2011, 3.30 pm. That's the last time I being called as a Maherian. Now, I'm an ex-Maherian. Till now, I can't believe myself. I a former secondary school student? It's funny for sure.

 Me, Moc Chick, Muqri, Faiz the KPP and Juniey, after Bio Paper 3

Moc Chick and Che Nun~

 the boys seem so happy :p (mentang2la aku pendek)

friends forever~ my BSM friends :D

All my friends seem have their own plan after SPM. I have mine too, telling you :)
This is my plan for the next coming months:

# Facebooking
# Twittering
# blogging
# finish my NajNini manuscript
# watching dramas and movies

do pray for me guys~ :-)

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