Friday, August 11, 2017

704#Love Note ~ [Product Review] Purederm Argan Oil Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

I mentioned in my previous post that I bought Purederm Argan Oil Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. So I wanna share my review bila dah beberapa kali guna this makeup wipes.

This is one of makeup remover wipes in Purederm Lines. I explored the website dan jumpa banyak lagi jenis-jenis makeup remover wipes yang lain. But I'm not sure wether they are available in Malaysia or not. Kalau semua ada baru best sebab I am totally in love with this wipes!

Name: Purederm Argan Oil Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes
Type: Makeup remover wipes
Unit: 30 sheets
Price: RM9.90
Availability: Watsons

So this Made in Korea makeup wipes are formulated with argan oil, vitamin E, green tea and aloe vera to gently cleanse, tone and remove makeup. These extracts are known to bring benefits in skincare routine. The texture of the wipes are soft, tak terasa kasar setiap kali sapu pada muka. The smell isn't bad either. Tak terlalu kuat, it's just nice. So Purederm claims that this product can help removing eye liner, eye shadow, blusher and waterproof mascara without skin irritation. 

Macam wipes yang biasa, the pack is resealable. I've tried to remove my pressed powder and lipstick and it worked for me. Saiz agak besar dan tebal tapi Hana lagi suka bawa wipes ni ke mana-mana instead of increase the weight of my handbag with micellar water bottle. Before solat, I could just wipe my makeup. It leaves a gentle sensation on my skin and I love it. Bila rasa cuaca kat luar panas sangat, Hana akan guna wipes ni juga. It helps in moisturising my skin in the heat. Kulit rasa lembut dan segar. Wipes ni juga tak cepat kering.

The picture above shows different makeup wipes in Purederm line. Ada banyak lagi but I'll just show you these interesting guys. Ada tea tree, collagen, Q-10 dan witamin. I hope Watsons would bring them to Malaysia. It'd be great if I could try each one of them. 

So far, I love using this makeup wipes. Harga pun cukup murah. RM9.90 per pack and it has 30 sheets. Memang ambil masa nak habiskan lainlah kalau kerap sangat guna. I'd definitley repurchase because it has greater value than the money I'd pay for it. At first, I thought it'd cost me like RM15++ per pack.

Grab it at Watsons if you wanna try it ;)

Till then.


  1. saya pakai ni jugak. memang terbaik dari semua wipes yang ada :)

  2. assalamualaikum hana...mama dtg singgah ke sini...
    ** Mama Maszull

  3. BV pun ada beli dan guna yang nie. memang memudahkan :D
    harap watson boleh letak banyak jenis lagi :)

  4. Sekarang Siqah pakai produk Guardian je. Nanti dah habis yang tu, Siqah cuba produk ni pulak. Siqah pun suka pakai wipe tissue ni daripada bawak mekap removal..


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