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Thursday, September 27, 2012

316#Ai no Kotoba ~ The Ending of Sem 1

Alhamdulillah, an hour had passed since my last paper for our Sem 1. Our final exam is over and I will be heading to Alor Star soon. My bus will depart around 10 PM. Hope to be in Kelantan soon. Can't wait! Neesa is calling me more frequently since Tuesday. Hee. Love my adik bongsu! Tunggu kakak balik ya? :D Ada hadiah untuk Neesa :)

Tak sangka habis juga Sem 1 untuk foundation ni. I am soooo happy! Am hoping for a great Semester 2 soon! Will be having five weeks semester leave before Semester 2 starts. Apalah nak buat kat rumah cuti lama-lama ni. Kawan-kawan lain cuti sem lambat lagi. Erghh...

One thing for sure, I think I will miss KMKN for five weeks. Hee :)

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