Sunday, August 28, 2011

41#Ai no Kotoba ~ My Last Ramadhan At Hostel


Talking about Eid, SPM Trial and soon-to-be SPM, it seems helpless for me to think that I'll never attend Maher as a student anymore. this is my last year at Maher and the thoughts of it makes me scared. the thoughts of I'll be a uni student or else makes me wondering:
- could I live without my Maherian friends?
- could I be a better person outside of Maher?
- could I met my old friends again?

yeah, it seems pathetic but it's true. few months back I met my beloved Cikgu Abdul Aziz, my BM teacher who taught me BM when I was in Form 1, talking about my fear of walking out of Maher. Cikgu AA is my favourite teacher, always be my cikgu kesayangan. he knows how to soft-talking to his students and consulting them. 

he told me that if I could be a nice or good student since I was a schooler, able to sort of tahan diri dari buat benda2 tak sepatutnya, then Insya-Allah I'll be okay at other places. and I had to admit that what he was saying at that time was true. so, I have to be a so-called-good-girl if I want to kick out the fear. yeah, I want to kick it out like I am a budak Tae-Kwan-Do cam Safwe and his 'sons and daughters'

okay, let's kick out all the merepek stuffs I'm talking above. I'm just trying to calm myself down. hoho

24 Ramadhan 1432 H or 24th August 2011. the date is the date (what I'm merepeking here???). its the last day which my friends and I break our fast at Maher hostel. Hanun (Che Nun her manja2 name) suggested we took our pictures together at DM (Dewan Makan). and I'm so glad that I brought my Olympus Compact during the week. so, we had our pictures together and I hope that if we were not able to meet someday, our friendship could be a long-lasting friendship.
so, here come the pictures...

our tokey koop sponsored Big Apple doughnuts and I got one too!! thanks tokey :D

here Mok Chick and Che Nun (red tee) showed their overload craziness :p

Che Nun, enough of your pose! haha

my besties :)

all three of them are my Kpopper friends ;)

the lights didn't help here...

it's me! taking picture together with them :) 

 me again.. haha

 there's Nana in her orange tee, my inmatured so-called-daughter

 my crazy friends. always make me and others laugh

 in the mosque, reciting Yaasiin for allahyarham Zulfadhli who gone for good at the evening caused by a tragic accident. how could we snap pictures in mosque? ehe....

 during reciting Yaasiin, usually we sat like in a circle

Che Nun and Lyn, our Form 3 sister...

it's me! taking picture with Yaa after Yaasiin

there's Lyn, Che Nun and Yaa

O Allah, let me and my friends be good Muslimahs and please guide us to your right path. how I really love them, ya Allah. ameen...

p/s: I don't know what got into me. I never wrote my blog in English. maybe cause I read too much of Hana Fedora's this morning. hehe


  1. prasan nyer org tu ngaku dio good girl..hehhehe

  2. alahai baby.. you dengki ke? u padan jadi a good baby je kay? hehe :p

  3. perghhhh~ english straight . kelu kawey baco . haha . bagus2 . :D


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