Tuesday, August 30, 2011

47#Ai no Kotoba ~ Morning of 1st Syawal


It's already 1st Syawal and like years back, we got bersalam-salaman after abah returned from Solat Sunat Aidilfitri. Usually we take pictures before we go to meet Tok Wan (my only granny) at Sue Na's house. Tok Wan lives with Sue Na since I was a baby. 

Tok Wan had prepared some delicious Malay cuisines. There were chicken rendang, roti jala, satay and many more. I always love Tok Wan's cooking. 

Since I am too sleepy after visiting my relatives since this morning, so lets the pictures talking (my bed and pillows are waving and saying hello to me now~)

this is the first time Neesa wears baju kurung and she is soooo cute~

 watashi no kyoudai~

 Neesa was trying to do a 'peace' sign.. kyopta!

I hate it when it comes the time I have to stand up beside my younger sister. She is taller than me! urghh!!! ;p

at Sue Na's house  

our beloved Tok Wan. She's 80 and above I guess 

taking picture with Tok Wan. hope we'll celebrate 1433 H Syawal with her again :')

oh.. how I hope this picture will be more okay?

 focusing at Neesa. she is our Barbie doll now~

 Kak Anies and Neesa

 Neesa insited to play the lorry toy~

 with Kak Atien and Kak Anies

what's wrong with your face? gezz...

I wanna go to bed~ daa~

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