Monday, July 30, 2012

302#Ai no Kotoba ~ I'm Sorry, Mrs. Hamster

Today, I got second experience in killing dissecting animals. It had been two years since my first and last time doing mouse and frog dissection. But we only dissected hamsters today. Poor little hamsters, you be our victims for Biology Lab. But what can we do? We have to identify all the organs in your body before our own eyes. He he.

Each one of us got a hamster and Madam Husaini showed us how to start it. It's quite difficult. We had to be careful with the delicate layer beneath its skin. I could felt how fragile the hamster was when I was holding her. Okay, my hamster was a female. All the hamsters were been fainted using chloroform before we get started.

It's took almost two hours for us to get it done. My hamster's heart was still running, beat by beat when I dissected her. When I done, the heart had stopped running. Pity my little Mrs. Hamster. Had to sacrifice her own life because I had to observe all the organs. How tragic. He he.

Okay... that's a big difference of height between me and Syakir -__-
what a pity.. no wonder he called me as his 'adik' 

But, I really enjoyed this experiment! Nothing to be feared of. Okay, done with blog updating. Have to finish my lab report first before going to sleep. I'm sleepy. Will be having Chemistry Quiz II this Wednesday's morning and Standardised Test II before I going back for Aidilfitri X)

note : Can't wait to be home. My dearly abah always upload pictures of delicious food made by my mama on Facebook and tag the pictures to me, memang sengaja kan? So lovely, abah. Its the way how you show that you miss your eldest daughter, right? Erk... Waaaa X((( Nak balikkkkk!!!! Abahhh!!!! 


  1. little hamster yang menjadi mangsa korban

  2. lamanya xsinggah sni!hihi..sihat hana?ish..ksian tgk hamster tu.xsanggup tgk prut dia..hoho

  3. best ape bedah tikus ni..katak pon best..bau lagi mengancam ..haha ..
    selamat berkuiz ye.all the best !

  4. eeii~ seramnya ! ngee >.<

    all the best ya hana ! ^^

  5. hak3... sy kena bedah tikus..mula2 takut gax la..lama2 excited!! hahaha xD


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