Thursday, July 26, 2012

301#Ai no Kotoba ~ Ramadhan in KMKN

Minggu ni agak menyepi. For Monday and Tuesday, my class end at 4:30 PM. But, this week might be a hectic week for me! I got Math Quiz II on Wednesday and Bio Quiz II on Thursday, which is today. Alhamdulillah, can answer them well. But, I'm afraid when the time teachers say " Okey, sila semak markah kamu." Erkk... Rasa nak pengsan kat situ >__<

Next week, ada kuiz Chem II pulak and the coming two weeks, will be my Standardised Test II. And, I  have to submit Math Project, presenting English Product Project and PJK 'Create A New Sport' Project with my fellow group members too >__<. Okay, a hectic month for me before Syawal comes. I meant, not before Syawal comes but before I go back to Kelantan! Yeahh! XD

Okay, okay, back to my topic. 

So far, I love this Ramadhan. Have to admit I kinda sad because can't fasting in Kelantan again for this year but, what should I do? I have responsibilities here. Now I am a student of KMKN, not Ahmad Maher anymore. And Kuala Nerang is not like Kota Bharu-Salor, it's Kedah-Kelantan. Taking almost 5,6 hours journey for one way journey -__-. It's so killing me when I'm in a bus, going back to Kelantan, thinking when will I arrive home. Urghh. So uncool.

Oh yeah, 'bout my Ramadhan in college for this year. I mentioned above I love Ramadhan for this year. We have sahur around 4:30 AM to 5:30 AM. But I wake up very early cause some students be assigned to play the emergency siren to wake all the students in my kolej kediaman up. And it's soooo loud, can wake you up just a few seconds after the siren be played. Actually, it's quiet annoying when you wake up early in the morning and find that you wake just because of the loud siren. I prefer to be wake up with any of TVXQ's or Westlife's songs tough XD. Haha.

We also have tadarus group. My tadarus group be assigned last few days and we got last three juzuk before khatam al Quran. I pair up with Nad, my classmate and we're going smoothly. But have to admit I'm not agree with the all the conditions they gave to us. They = the badan which responsible for this tadarus. It's not that I want to skip tadarus or what, but they said we have to be in mosque and start our tadarus from 5 PM and 6 PM. And it is compulsory. No skipping during that time.

Why don't they make it flexible? Tadarus can be done anywhere as long as the place is proper and at anytime. It's quiet hard if they fix the time. Maybe there're students who wanna go for outing or have to complete their jobs during evening, we don't know the possibility right? Alhamdulillah, they change the conditions and we can finish early. In my school before, we didn't fix the time for tadarus but all of us manage to khatam al Quran before going for cuti Aidilfitri. Just leave it like this, please make it easy for other people if you wanna them also make it easy for you. Simple right? It's just my opinion. How about yours?

I want to think positive, but somehow I can't. I know I am being a negative thinking person right now. My mood also isn't being very good for this week. Urghh. Please go away my bad mood. I don't need you. Please be nice to me and be a very good mood, can you?


Ummu Aiman said...

kalau knal naziah kirim salam ek. dy ex mrsm kubang pasu ;) btw good luck ramadhan in kuala nerang !

ary_lee said...

kmkn da ada sesi tadarus??
Waktu ary study sana dulu, tak ada pun tadarus^^
rindunya kat kmkn..
dulu ary duduk blok P a.k.a blok ikhlas.. eh? betul ke? HahahaXD

Nurlyla said...

happy ramadhan.. :)

Lynn Damya said...

gmbar tu gambar al-Quran kan? cantiknya warna-warni, suka sgt..klw bg al-Quran mcm ni kat budak2, mesti boleh naikkan semangat diorg selalu mengaji, sbb cantik sgt..comel ! mana nk cari ni..hihi :D

XxFaraizatii2NdxX said...

tag akak :D
50 Peserta terawal dapat pendrive :))
Join yer :)

Cik Nur said...

salam ramadhan Hana..lama tak jenguk hana...

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