Tuesday, February 2, 2016

672#Love Note ~ [Book Review] True Love (and Other Lies)

I received True Love (and Other Lies) as an early birthday present from one of my best friends, Najwa way back during my high school days. I read a few chapters but because I was annoyed with the protagonist, Claire Spencer, I didn't finish the book till now, even though I'm still dislike Claire.

Read: From January 25 to 30, 2016
Rating: 4.3/5

Travel writer Claire has kissed enough frogs (snakes and toads) to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that fate, love at first sight and 'The One' do not exist.

So when she ends up sitting next to sexy American ex-pat, Jack, on a flight from New York to London and he asks her out, she figures there must be a catch. Or maybe after years of dating disasters and bozo boyfriends, Claire has finally met the man of her dreams. But just as she's about to start believing in destiny, Claire discovers that someone else got to Jack first, and she can't believe who it is...

This book is hilarious and a light read so why I dislike Claire? 

I know protagonists are not to be perfect from the start. I don't have problems with protagonists who have flaws but in some cases I just couldn't ignore it. Claire has problems with her self confidence, maybe her self confidence is only within one to two centimeters range. She always underestimate herself and I do not like that.

Claire's character development is too slow. Even when Jack is being honest about his feelings and his impression about her, she only gets it when it's near the end of the book. I would love it if her character development is progressing even for a bit in the middle of the story.

The overall of the story is good and funny but I couldn't really like Claire. It's just my opinion but since I'm not in her shoes, my opinions might couldn't be received well. You could read it if you're an easy-to-please reader, more than I am.

Till then.


  1. love the cover. hehehe :D
    BV jarang layan novel bi nie T^T

  2. Novel BI yang paling suka PS; I love you & the book of tomorrow.
    Cecelia ahern punya novel mostly best. Sis rekomen. Hehe

  3. Cantiiik kaver buku tu :)


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