Thursday, February 25, 2016

687#Love Note ~ [Book Review] The Sugar Queen

After I've got captivated by Sarah Addison Allen's The Girl Who Chased the Moon, which I read thrice, I always in search for another books written by Allen. Thankfully I found one during the previous BBW; The Sugar Queen. I also found her debut novel entitled Garden Spells which garnered much interests during its publication. But I have yet to read Garden Spells.

Read: From February 7 to 10, 2016
Rating: 4.5/5

Josey lives an uneventful life in her mother's house, her only consolation the sugary treats and paperback romances she escapes to in her hidden closet. But one day she finds it harbouring none other than local waitress Della Lee Baker, a tough-talking, tenderhearted woman who is one part nemesis and two parts fairy godmother.

Josey Cirrini is like a modern Rapunzel. Being trapped by her own mother who doesn't love her. A mother who doesn't want to let her go, befriends people just for the sake of taking care of her. I dislike Josey's mother, Margaret. It's not like as a daughter Josey cannot take care of her aging mother, but the way Margaret treats her make me despise that woman. She never tells Josey she's beautiful, even though in her heart she does admit Josey looks beautiful in her favourite red cardigan. As a chubby and low self-esteem South Carolina belle, Josey never thinks she is indeed beautiful. Poor soul :(

But everything changes when one day Josey found Della Lee Baker in her closet where she keeps her sweets and paperbacks in secret. She struggles to get Della Lee out of her way but little does Josey know that Della Lee comes to save her from being entrapped forever by her mother. In her own ways, Della Lee gives Josey advices. 

I love Josey's friendship with Chloe Finley. The sandwich shop's owner is her first friend due to Della Lee's constant requests for Josey to buy her a sandwich from Chloe. Chloe further helps Josey to step out from her small world. Step-by-step, Josey gains confidence to even ignore her mother's objection from going out late at night just to help Chloe who desperately needs her help. Sure disobey your own mother is not a right thing to do, but if Margaret's reason is just to keep Josey in her palms, I think it's not right either. 

Josey's budding romance with the mailman named Adam is cute too. For three years (or four? I forgot sorry) Adam comes to Cirrini's doorstep to deliver mails. Adam is not an ordinary mailman as he actually was a lawyer and lived in Chicago before deciding to not leave Bald Slope after the incident which costs him his adventurous life. He could not longer go skiing, but he doesn't want to leave Bald Slope which famous with its ski resort either.

I'm satisfied with the ending for both Josey and Chloe. They deserve it even though I need more explanation about Margaret. There's many quotes that I love too. If only I could have a life like Chloe. When books keep on appearing magically when you need one, without having to buy them :p

Till then.


  1. Blogwalking sini. Saya suka baca novel based on true story. ada suggestion x?

  2. menariknya buku2 macam nie, tapi BV kureng sikit bab membaca buku english nie T^T


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