Sunday, August 27, 2017

711#Love Note ~ Merdeka! Merdeka! Blogger Contest

It's been ages since my last contest. Kebetulan ternampak LAZADA ada blogger contest sempena Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke 60 tahun, Hana terus ambil peluang untuk sertai. Mana tahu ada rezeki untuk Hana menang contest ni. Who knows? ;)

Merdeka! Merdeka! Blogger Contest ni bermula 21 Ogos sehingga 31 Ogos 2017. You could get your dreamed items with discounts up to 80%! Mana lagi nak cari diskaun banyak macam tu? Harga kebanyakan barang kat LAZADA lebih murah daripada tempat lain, tambah lagi dengan diskaun 80% tu memang rugi kalau tak dapatkan!

a) What do you love about being a Malaysian?

Without this God blessed country called Malaysia, I am nothing. To be frank, Malaysia is still way behind other countries such as Japan or South Korea, but Malaysia has become a special place for me. It's my home. We can find many different races living in harmony here, not to mention the variety of delicacies that have successfully attracted foreign tourists to Malaysia. From nasi lemak, roti canai, dim sum and even Arabian cuisine, you can find it here. 

b) Choose your favourite local brand here:


I've always thought Carlo Rino is an overseas brand. Carlo Rino has its own class and could be an example that Malaysia could bear world class brands like Carlo Rino. I'm a sucker for good bags since I'd bring a lot of things with me whenever I'm going out. My smartphone, purse, currently-reading book, powerbank, lip balm need a quality and big bag to make sure they would fit perfectly in it. Carlo Rino has produced lots of stylish and quality bags so I'd choose Carlo Rino as my favourite local brand.

c) Select two products from the brand that you love

Both bags have captivated my heart but I hope to get the first one. The colour is so beautiful. I hope I could get either one as my new bag! Please choose me LAZADA!

Hurry up and join this contest! Kita tak tahu rezeki kita macam mana. Apa salahnya kalau mencuba? ;)

Till then.


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