Sunday, March 24, 2013

368#Ai no Kotoba ~ Abah and Me

I always have this kind of habit. Always. 

Every time I see abah is dressed up nicely, I will ask this question to him. Without any fail :P 

" Abahhhhh.... Nak pergi mana?" 

Padahal dah tahu, abah nak keluar :P Saja saja tanya.
And abah will end up answering me with this answer. It's never change.

" Suka hati I lah nak pergi mana? You susah apa?"

And I was like (-___-) " Abah niiiiii...."

The moment for today, I sat on the sofa in living room, twittering of course :P.
The time I saw abah was in his best T-shirt, I asked, again.

" Abahhhh.. Nak pergi mana pulak tu?"

And, this was my abah's answer.

" I nak pergi mana pun, bukan urusan you lah. Kalau abah nak kahwin lagi satu pun, abah tak payah mintak kebenaran kakak kan? Kakak tu kalau nak kahwin kena mintak kebenaran abah. Abah ni wali tau tak? Eh? Hahahaha!"

And there was abah, gelak besar (-__-)

And, me was like, in my heart " Alahhh... boleh guna wali hakim kan? He he."

But, I will never ever saying like that in front of abah. Never. Ever. Ever.

If I did?

Well, this might be abah's answer. Seriously. Yang ni akan jadi jawapannya.

" Apa? Kakak nak kahwin guna wali hakim? Banyak cantik. Elok lah macam tu. Dahlah gatal nak kahwin dah. Kena ingat tau, abah ni yang akan jadi wali. Ingat tu."

So, I will never say.


Till then.

note : I've been read to Mat Luthfi's blog too much and I end up posting something like this :) Chill. He he.

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izan mama mia said...

seronoklah Hana ada abah yang boleh bergurau gitu..

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