Saturday, February 4, 2012

81#Ai no Kotoba ~ My Second Try!

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Yesterday I spent lots of time to edit my cousin's blog, Arenis' Story. After I've done editing my blog, she seemed like interested with my blog's new look. So, I said " Kalau Kak Anis nak, Uyu boleh tolong edit blog Kak Anis tu". *don't laugh. All my relatives call me Uyu/Nuyu (Nurul). Then she agreed. Starting in the yesterday's morning, I began to edit her blog. I satisfied with my job. Although I'm an amateur in editing blog job, I found it interesting *bangga kejap.

After done editing her entire blog excluding the header, I began to create a new header for her. Thanks to Moon & Dandelion Kiss' tutorial, I managed to create a transparent header again. For this time, it was more difficult than my first try in creating my blog's header. Kak Anis wanted a header with Amano Ichigo from Yumeiro Patissiere anime. Both of us are so obsessed with the anime *peace (^_^)v. The result for the new header is....


there's a grammar mistake in the description. tak perasan masa buat sebelum ni..

comel tak? I'm so proud of myself *masuk bakul angkat sendiri. It was difficult to me, an amateur when creating transparent header when I wanted to crop Ichigo in her shape. I erased the background and this job have to be done carefully. Banyak trial and error. But, once again I am so satisfied. 

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