Thursday, April 4, 2013

381#Ai no Kotoba ~ Happy 19th My Awesome Stepmom!

Dear stepmom, you're awesome. Please, stay the same! *one of your stepdaughters*


Bukan stepmom betul-betul ya :D Kalau ada betul-betul, awal-awal lagi Hana pergi rumah dia dan buat rosak jahanam semua perabot dalam rumah tu. Be my stepmom? In your dream. Even abah bergurau aje pun, memang nak kena (-__-) Langkah mayat dulu sebelum nak jadi stepmom!

Okey, dah emo kat atas tu.

Nak ucapkan Happy 19th to one of my bestfriends in KMKN :D 040494 was her born date and now she's officially 19! Big clap to yourself! *applause*

So, Nik Qurratu'aini Farhanah b. Zakpar a.k.a. our mak tiri, Happy 19th and be our forever awesome mak tiri yaww~ Have a blast in your birthday and I wish you all the best! Keep your feet walking forward and never look back! 

Thanks for all your babbling, your care, your love, your comfort every time I cry and everything :D me love you! Insya-Allah, for eternity!

Oh ya! Terutama bab tengok movie sama-sama, lepak lama dalam F130 tu. Ha ha :D
*rindu nak tengok movie ramai-ramai kat F130*

Love you Aini!

Till then.


  1. Ingat betullah tadi..
    Amboih muda betul stepmom umur baru 19 tahun ye...
    ANyway happy birthday!!!..


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